The Expanse Season 5 roundup

It’s a wrap! The Expanse’s Season 5 has come to an end – and what an end it was. With showrunner Naren Shankar’s screen adaptation of Ty Frank and Daniel Abraham’s novels, the science fiction genre finally has a new epic show that delivers everything a true sci-fi fan’s heart can desire. In The Expanse’s story of increasingly epic scale, the system-altering events are inherently … Continue reading The Expanse Season 5 roundup

The Expanse Review: “Gaugamela”

Every show has its own “Red Wedding” – or at least something that comes close to that. Technically speaking this is called a “plot point”. Plot points spin the story “around into another direction”. But the deeper reason for the success of such episodes lies not so much in the key scene itself, but in the inconspicuous buildup of story and characters in the preceding … Continue reading The Expanse Review: “Gaugamela”